• Electrical warehouse and online supply store.

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Electrical Supply Store Online by Newtontech Electrical

Our Electrical Warehouse stock a vast range of electrical components!

About Us
We are passionate about our products, we supply high quality electrical components and parts for the industry!
We know our Products.
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About Us

Newtontech Electrical is a sister company from Newtontech Power where they manufacture and sell diesel generators.

Our online electrical supply store offers a comprehensive range electrical components and products to suit your electrical needs, our products range from commercial use up to large industrial products in the low voltage range.

Newtontech Electrical is built on the demand to support our clients that already make use of our diesel generators, this is to expand our support and peace of mind that our clients require.

Some parts and components for generators is also offered on our electrical online store.

Newtontech Electrical also now offer alternative power solutions like solar and off grid systems. Our passion is Alternative electrical power, whether driven by diesel, the sun or wind. We strive to build trust and reliable alternative power solutions on all our products.

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Online Store
We are passionate about our products, we deliver high quality electrical parts and components online.

Electrical Warehouse and Online Store

Quality Electrical Products at Reasonable Prices

We offer the best quality products at competitive prices, brands include, Hager, Siemens, ARB, Lovato and many more.

Take a look at our vast range on our electrical supply online store. We are passionate about our products and technical support is a phone call away.

Check our special pages regularly for products on promotion. Why buy cheap imitation when you can get quality at a good price. All our products carry a manufacturer’s 12 Months warrantee, and gives you the comfort of knowing that it will last.

We also sell tools, and electrical measurement tools.


Today we have easy and user friendly products to optimize power consumption and performance, this includes automation, motion control and protection on circuits and electrical motors.

Contact us today about power saving options to improve performance and productivity. If you use a lot of electrical motors, you can optimize it and protect it, and also save power on different start up options, there is more options for 3 phase motors than on single phase motors, we can advise for your specific needs.

Electrical work and installations.

All electrical work and installations must be performed by qualified electrical personnel, it is off upmost importance that products and components is correctly installed to optimize product performance and protection on circuits. Failure doing so can put your electrical circuits at risk of fire or could result in electrical shock if not knowing what you do. This can result to serious injury or even death. Please read our disclaimer for further information.

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